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A Little Bit About the Museum


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About the Museum

The Rhode Island State Police Museum was founded in 2006 to share the history of the Rhode Island State Police and preserve its artifacts, documents and photographs for future generations to research and enjoy. The museum is a 501c(3) non-profit organization and is funded entirely through private donations, fundraising and sales of merchandise.

Recent News

Members of the Rhode Island State Police Museum Foundation Executive Board recently visited the Massachusetts State Police Museum and Learning Center to see their new facility.  We would like to thank them for the tour as well as the time they spent with us sharing information and resources.   Our new Rhode Island State Police trooper bear also enjoyed many of the displays.  The bear will be available to purchase soon, but the bear needs a name!  We will be taking suggestions to name the trooper bear at the upcoming Vintage Cruiser Show on Sunday, September 18thfrom 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at State Police Headquarters, 311 Danielson Pike, North Scituate.  Please come and enjoy the cruiser show and help us decide on a name for our new bear.

Massachusetts State Police Museum and Learning Center www.mspmlc.org

Rescued by Ruby

The movie is based on a real life story of Ruby, an American Shepherd and Border Collie mix, and Dan O’Neil, A K9 Search and rescue team aspirant. After multiple attempts to find her a home, the pup was deemed unadoptable and scheduled to be put down, when a volunteer trainer named Pat Inman felt the dog was intelligent beneath all the belligerence abd hoped special attention and discipline will save her life.

She contacted the Rhode Island State Police who offered her to officer Dan O’Neil. For Dan, it was his best chance to get his dream job. A lot of patience and hard work later, the pup matured into a loyal K-9 partner.

6-13-2022 SOTS TV Broadcast starts June 18, 2022

Television broadcast dates, times and channels

  • Saturday, Jun 18 + 25 at 11:00 PM on Cox channel 13, Verizon channel 32, and Full Channel 9
  • Sunday, Jun 19 + 26 at 8:00 AM on Cox channel 13, Verizon channel 32, and Full Channel 9
  • Monday, Jun 20 + 27 at 9:00 PM on Cox channel 18, Verizon channel 31, and Full Channel 9
  • Thursday, Jun 23 + 30 at 9:00 PM on Cox channel 18, Verizon channel 31, and Full Channel 9

Production One: RI State Police Museum Foundation (6/13/22)

Guests: Ret. Lt. Kenneth Bowman, RI State Police Museum Foundation, kenbowman116@gmail.com
Ret. Lt. James T. Beck, RI State Police Museum Foundation, dashammer@verizon.net

Host: Darlene D’Arezzo

Description: Guests are retired RI State Police and members of RI State Police Museum Foundation https://rispmuseum.org .

They talk about how the museum originated and the persons involved. They offered a video which provides an overview of its creation and another about Trooper O’Brien, who died while on duty during Hurricane Carol. They share not only their memories but also commentary on some favorite topics: Troopers in Uniforms on the Dave Letterman Show; Red Disk use; the unique Social Investigator Corp; the upcoming 100 year book and 2025 Centennial; the charity events hosted by the Museum Foundation; and more.

Video channel link: https://vimeo.com/channels/365354/720312905

YouTube linkhttps://youtu.be/hH6bKi8J9I8

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